Beloved Favorites: Leopard Belt

8 Sep Belt

I’m a Midwest girl and we aren’t known for our fashion forwardness.  Most of us prefer to be comfortable daily and dress for occasions.  More than anything else we possess a special kind of individualism that creates a couple head turns.  I never really try when I put a look together.  My fashion is determined by several factors, iron, mood, and weather.  Accessories are not my thing either but this item has been included in more looks than my favorite wig.  Let me tell you a little bit about my go to adornment.


My leopard belt. I picked this up several years ago at Target.  They were having a sale on the belts and I was in need of a one from the brown family.  The other belts looked cheesy.  You know the braided type and then there’s the wrestling belt.  In need of something to tie my look together I settled on the leopard.  I’m a fan of the big cats but not in my fashion.  Little did I know this was totally going to upgrade me.  After a short while, I noticed whenever I was getting ready, which includes the look selection, that belt would make it to the bed as an option.  It was totally becoming a favorite.  Here are a few times it won the “Battle of the Belts.”

As you can see I’ll put this bad boy on with anything.  It just adds a bit of visual interest. Call this piece a little unexpected.  It’s not overpowering at all.  However, after years and months of wear and tear, I’m on the hunt for a replacement.  It has started to split at the seam and some of the faux fur has been rubbed off.  Until I find another, I’ll be rocking it.  Even in its less than pristine condition, people still say “love the belt!”  This thing has kicked my fashion score up a few notches.
Yes, this midwest girl may never be considered a fashion icon.  No, it’s not from a luxury designer collection.  Maybe, it’s not as impressive to some people but it’s a staple in my life. If you happen to know where I can get another (everyone in the tri-county area of Detroit must have one), let me know.  I’ll be sure to pick up 2 the next time.ūüôā







Beloved Favorites: Polyvore

1 Sep img_1751

I’m no fashionista. Just a regular degular shemegula girl that likes to look great no matter what the occasion. As I become more responsible with my finances, the Internet has become the best place for me to treat my retail addiction. ¬†Here I can fill shopping carts, stalk sales, and shutdown without feeling the impulses the stores create. ¬†Then there are times when I have cash and this form of therapy isn’t an option. Step in Polyvore app. ¬†Here I can become inspired by all things fashion including home. Let me show how this has become my favorite app for my closet and living quarters.

(Just a little background РTamika and I love fashion but these Midwest professional streets Рwanna hold us back. Cue the Rick Ross tune.  After a few short hours of intense research on her part we had both developed a new hobby.)

I was in complete awe when I saw all the options and items. ¬†We had always wondered where those pictures came from and now we knew. ¬†However, we didn’t know it was going to be like this. Here are a few sets I created in my inaugural weeks.

There’s no denying fashionable side. ¬†My true love is home fashion and interior design. ¬†I often think about how great my place would look if I had an endless amount of cash – OMG! ¬†Moreover, I have made a point to create a less than common approach in my own home. ¬†Polyvore allows me to daydream in color and change my mind millions of times without spending a penny or having to return something because I found something better. ¬†This was my 1st home fashion set on the app and it took me almost 2 days to create it.

The very unexpected component of this app is the functionality to purchase what you like. ¬†I’ll keep my retail-addicted heart calm until I get a few more things in order before I start going crazy. ¬†In the meantime, Polyvore is keeping my mind off of things I tend to think about more often than needed.

Join and you can follow me @marleazwilson.




Oprah Says: It’s Your Fault

27 Aug r-womens-tears-large570

I very rarely let people get next to me. ¬†There are several reasons for this and maybe one day I’ll expound on them. ¬†My expectations are high when I consider a person to be my friend. ¬†So, not having many friends works in and out of my favor to an extent and I believe in the idea of signs from above. ¬†The side effects of this equate to destroying a relationship mentally very fast and within time¬†abort connections making them non-existent to me. ¬†Friendship is very important and I consider myself to be a good friend. ¬†The combination of a sign and disappointment can be all too much for me.


The faults that I carry include being too trusting at different points of my life. ¬†I never nurture friendships with the ulterior motive of changing someone. ¬†When you’re happy, I’m happy with and for you. ¬†However, when you’re happy don’t take this time to take a crap on me and that’s exactly how I felt. This most recent lesson showed me that no matter how much you genuinely support someone, they have the tools to cause unrecoverable pain. ¬†1 Corinthians 4:5 says “Therefore judge nothing before the time, until the Lord come, who both will bring to light the hidden things of darkness, and will make manifest the counsels of the hearts: and then shall every man have praise of God.” ¬†I feel my eyes opened to something I needed to see and left wondering “how many times has this¬†been done this to me’ and my eyes were wide shut to the disrespect. ¬†The discomfort I felt was palpable. ¬†Me, being the stoic person I am – I didn’t want to show it. I had to deal with it from the inside and it became¬†the hardest thing to do. ¬†The question remained – Who equipped them to hurt me? The answer: I did, by allowing their choices and actions to simultaneously¬†affect¬†me through a fabled connection called “real friendship.” ¬†These emotions that began to brew inside me may not have been their intention but I immediately needed to¬†do the work to heal. ¬†I’m smart enough to acknowledge the change and separate myself. ¬†The individual is completely oblivious to the infraction and for a short while, I wondered if I acted irrationally. ¬†In my stubborn nature, I said, nope. ¬†It’s what needs to be done in the¬†efforts to take care of myself.

Yes, we could talk it out but at this juncture, I don’t think that will heal the pain I’m nursing. ¬†No, talking will only exhume something I’m working to remove from my memory. ¬†Will I miss the relationship? ¬†The simple answer is – yes, but I’m in defense mode. ¬†To be truthful, how can you be friends with someone you feel you need to protect yourself from? ¬†You can’t! ¬†That’s too much work. ¬†I’m taking ownership of the part I played in this happening. ¬†There’s so much going on in my life right now that working to salvage this friendship would be a waste of time I genuinely need for God only knows.¬†¬†It’s time for me to be selfish.




Beau Miss Tune: Pink+White

26 Aug img_1700

I’ve been waiting on Frank Ocean like a little kid on the porch counting the minutes until their parent comes to pick them up from grandma’s house. ¬†His music is unexpected and captures some foreign emotion that pulls at me. ¬†I’ll give an artist a substantial amount of time to get their creative juices flowing to put out a good project. ¬†After that amount of time has passed, I start looking for them even harder. ¬†Check out some of the tweets I published in search of Mr. Ocean.

So, you already know how excited I was about the new music released last week. ¬†This album has been on repeat, repeat 1 song, shuffle and let’s go back to Blond again. ¬†I just wanted to share my most played song.

I removed the link due to copyright.

Are you enjoying Blond? ¬†If not, I’ll give you a while to jump on the bandwagon or take a long hard listen to another great body of work from the elusive Frank.

Beau Miss Home: What’s The Code

12 Aug

WiFi is essential wherever we go.  I mean EVERYWHERE!  If there is no connection, it must be important or I’ve decided to be off the grid for a little while.  Then I was watching one of my favorite YouTubers Alejandra when I noticed this little handy project.  As soon as I saw it, I wanted to share it with you and all the guest of my home.

This simple diy only requires 3 supplies and a large amount of trust.  You’ll need a picture frame, printed/collaged password information and scissors.

  • Cut the information to the designated size of the frame.
  • Place in frame.
  • Display appropriately in your home.

In the event you’re feeling petty or not so friendly, fold the frame down and carry on.  :)

This is a very quick considerate project for your family and friends.  Let me know if you decide to post your passcode in your home.  If you’re not, meet me at the Starbucks nearest you.

EEN: Bucket List

6 Aug bucket-list-30-for-30-675x250

We all have a bucket list and even if you don’t there are a few things you’ve identified that you have to do. ¬†I’m just like you. ¬†Over the past few days, I acknowledged the things I want to do as soon as he is he goes away to school. ¬†It may be safe to say these are the things I want to do after he turns 18. ¬†It may not be impressive to you but I wanted to share and document it for myself. ¬†Lord knows I don’t need another list running around me. ¬†:)

1. Watch the sun rise (DAILY).


In the summer of 2014, I moved right on the Detroit River. ¬†Two years have passed and everybody has been trying to figure out why I’m not in my backyard more often. ¬†I don’t even have the answer to that. ¬†Sometimes when I’m on my way to work, I look at the sunrise in my rearview mirror and I’m amazed. ¬†The sight fills my spirit with optimism. ¬†In the future, I’d like to take the time, have a cup of tea and take it all in every day.


2. Discover USA via Amtrak


Train travel is exciting to me. ¬†It’s not as quick as planes, involved as a car or luxurious as a cruise ship. ¬†It’s practical. ¬†This mode of transportation takes you to a time when this was the fastest method known to man. ¬†There’s a great percentage of this vast land that I haven’t seen. ¬†I didn’t realize Amtrak serviced so many destinations on my list of places to see. ¬†The fares are relatively cheap. ¬†A round trip from Detroit to St. Louis was $162.00. Chicago is the central hub of all the activity. ¬†So, the plan is to travel to Chicago every other month and journey into one of these foreign places to experience them. ¬†I might not make it to the West coast via train but the other locations look rather exciting.

3. Travel to Europe


My passport expires Feb 2018 and I still haven’t made it across the Atlantic Ocean. ¬†This will come to an end next year. ¬†I’m gifting myself a European vacation for my 18 years of parenthood. ¬†You can call this a Pull Gift – you know the reverse of the Push Gift. ¬†:) ¬†(The one I wear almost every day.) ¬†I haven’t narrowed down the exact location but the contenders are:

You’ll be the 2nd to know where I’ve decided to go. ¬†;)

4. Purchase a home in Detroit


I’ve been renting for a couple of years now. ¬†Let me tell you – I don’t like it at all. ¬†The amount of money I’ve paid out in the last 2 years was enough to purchase a small bungalow in Detroit. ¬†The jig is up next year. ¬†This year I have been focused on resolving some concerns on my credit report and rehabilitating my credit score. ¬†My hopes are to raise it enough that I will not need a special program to purchase. ¬†The downtown Detroit market is booming. ¬†This area is first on my list due to my 7-10 work commute. ¬†Right now, I am unsure if I want a house or condo. ¬†I’ll¬†know what’s best for me when I get there. ¬†This probably should’ve been number one but who’s judging me. ¬†lol

My Area

5. Start an aquarium


This originally said get a dog or start an aquarium. ¬†Then I did a “what type of dog is best for you” quiz. ¬†Let’s just say the results didn’t appeal to me. ¬†So, the fish won. ¬†I know owning a saltwater tank is hard work but I have a secret method. ¬†My dad! ¬†He’s the guru on aquatic life and starting aquariums. ¬†The freedom of fish is very calming to me. ¬†I would get a bird but I’m terrified of them. ¬†The dog would have made a great companion but considering my work schedule and travel plans that might not be the best idea. ¬†I’ll swim with the fish and allow my dad to teach me how to maintain it.

6. Start dream car project


It’s hard to be from Michigan and not have muscle car dreams. ¬†This is the ‘Motor City.’ Home of the Woodward Dream Cruise. ¬†On my vision board you will see several old model vehicles and I plan to start that collection soon. ¬†The 1st vehicle I have selected is the classic 1970 Chevy Chevelle SS. ¬†I don’t want to trick it out. ¬†My vision is to restore it to its showroom beauty. ¬†I have found a forum to purchase from and gather parts. ¬†In addition, I plan to do part of the work. ¬†I bet you can guess what the exterior color will be. ¬†#itsMyFav This will become my Friday/Saturday car.

7. Learn to play piano


I’ve always wanted to purchase a piano. ¬†Where’s the joy in owning a piano if you can’t play. ¬†Over the next several years I will make this dream a reality. ¬†I think you all know how important music is to me. Yes, I may not become Roberta Flack¬†but I will enjoy the learning opportunity.

There may be more things I want to do with this newfound freedom.  This is just a quick list off the top of my head that I wanted to share with you.  Just a few things to encourage my happiness.  :)


Oprah Says: Be Unapologetic 

27 Jul img_1424

This quote explains my journey to this point and the vision I have for my future. When I walked away from a decent job in 2012, nobody believed I would do it.  Until they got my resignation letter.  I mean – who walks away from a good paying job without another one lined up.  I remember the messages I received after the news went live that I was not returning to the assisted living facility.  Really!  I knew the things some people were going to say about me behind my back – hell it was going to be the same ole shit they always said, “she think she better than us, she can only do that because she living with her momma, she’s a liar and a fake.”  This was not a drill.  It was the real thing.  I had to show them who I thought I was.

I rarely stop to let others know the core of who I am.  The passions I have in my heart and the fighter |physical & spiritualūüôā |I embody in my soul.  I’ve never been a bragging person.  Talking about myself has always been my weak point.  So, over time I’ve been underestimated, marginalized and sized up to be only everything I’ve allowed others to experienced.  This is extremely unsettling for me and takes me back to a familiar time in my life. (Somebody remind me to tell you all about that.) I know things have to change because there’s a small rumbling from someplace deep in my being that I know all too well.

Fast forward to today.  I’m in a position I never thought I would hold.  The opportunity is upon me to fulfill the dreams I have been holding closest to my heart.  People aren’t saying the same things about me behind my back as they once did a few years ago. Their commentary reveals a semi-perception of me.  The time has arrived for me to present the totality of my being. I am so much more than they see and it’s my current obligation to present myself in the best light.

Now is the time for me to accept the challenge of showing my contemporaries, prot√©g√©s and predecessors – “This is who I am.” 

Let’s get to work altering the ideas others have about me. Crafted by me.

#FBF My Miracle

22 Jul img_1459

“He’s dead!” ¬†The only words I truly remember hearing on July 22, 2005. ¬†This short narrative on what has been coined “Flashback Friday” will show you that miracles are still happening. ¬†If I start rambling, please forgive me and understand that even 11 years later – I still get choked up.

We were planning a nice evening for ourselves after walking in the suburb of Grosse Pointe eating ice cream enjoying the afternoon. ¬†You see, his mother had come and taken my kid to stay with her for the weekend. I was only a little uncomfortable but felt I could show them I trusted her with The Kid. ¬†As we parted ways to get dressed for the evening activities, I received the call no mother wants. ¬†I heard him trying to say the words my mind wouldn’t allow me to hear through tears and a muffled tone. ¬†His exact words were, “They say he’s dead.” ¬†In my disbelief, I responded, ‘who?’ ¬†The answer was my son.

I was driving and pulled over to the side of the road and began to sob uncontrollably. ¬†No one was there to console me during this horrific hour. In a flash, I called my mother. ¬†She asked me to come to her but I couldn’t – I had to get to him. ¬†I had to be there with him. ¬†I needed to find out where he was. ¬†I wiped my eyes and headed toward Belleville, MI to find my one and only son. ¬†I had the news but something wouldn’t let me rest. ¬†The horror of calling his dad filled me and I didn’t even bother to call until I saw him for myself.

As I broke every traffic violation between Detroit and Belleville, I thought about the funeral arrangements for about 10 minutes. ¬†Then I said “No!” ¬†A simple prayer was all I could focus on for the rest of the ride ‘Lord please give him back to me, please don’t take him away.’ ¬†As I got closer to the exit, I realized I was going the wrong way, I needed to find out where the hospital was that held his body. ¬†A gas station at the exit ramp became a figurative fork in the road of this entire story.

I jumped out of my car and began to ask everyone where the hospital was and shared the tragic ordeal and begged people to help me. ¬†When I tell you not one person had the answers I needed and shared no additional information. ¬†I screamed and cried louder and harder at every person that offered me no assistance in my time of need. ¬†Then someone in the crowd called the police on or for me. ¬†As he approached me, I was ready to give him the complete business if he didn’t display a spoonful of decency.

He was the sign that people always say they’re looking for from God – sent here to give me a message. ¬†He begged me to calm down, sit down and breathe. ¬†After several minutes of resistance, I followed his directives without sitting down. ¬†It was in this moment that he probably became the best part of this day. ¬†A 13-year-old boy from the apartment pulled him from the bottom of the pool. (His name is Matthew.) He informed me The Kid was at University of Michigan hospital. ¬†The 1st officer on the scene had administered CPR 3x and he was NOT reviving. ¬†The officer went beyond the instructions and tried one more time and The Kid began to choke. ¬†My knees gave up on me and I buckled right there in the gas station. ¬†He informed me that the pulse was faint but he was en route to the hospital. ¬†Thank you, God!

I got in my car as a passenger by legal intervention and allow my ex to drive me there to the hospital. ¬†While in the car I called my mother again, she said she was praying for him but she heard the EMS’s siren and knew they were preserving life in the vehicle. ¬†She informed me she would be there shortly. ¬†I was calming down at a rapid pace. ¬†His dad was called and he informed me he would be there. ¬†I just needed to see my boy.

When I arrived at the hospital the attendant began telling me to calm down and explained even more to me. ¬†She said “he began modeling (1st stage of rigor mortise) and was unresponsive again in the EMS.” ¬†At this point, I didn’t care what she had to say. In a VERY authoritative tone, I told her – take me to him now. ¬†She informed me she was trying to prepare me for what I was about to see. ¬†We began walking toward the room and I told her ‘he just learned how to ride his bike, was only six and was so excited to visit with friends this weekend.’ ¬†As I walked in that room, my knees failed me again.

There was a machine assisting him to breathe, tubes were injected in him everywhere and he had a shiny glaze over his entire body. ¬†This wasn’t my boy. ¬†They hadn’t determined if he was out of the water (no pun intended) and I went to him and whispered in his ear “I’m here… Stay here with me.” ¬†I walked out the room and into the waiting area. ¬†The Kid’s family started filing in to see him and check on me. ¬†I wasn’t in the mood for conversation, hugs or explanations. I needed to know this would be alright despite how it looked. ¬†As the early morning hours of the 23rd fell upon us and family members began to go home, I saw the opportunity I was looking for and I took it. ¬†I just wanted it to be him and me.

I apologized for not being there and for his current state. I told him I needed to go home but I would be back before he woke up.  Getting comfortable in the chairs was almost next to impossible.  I guess the chairs were operating as designed. (Just a little work jargon to make me chuckle.) Something inside of me knew that everything would be alright. Around 3 in the morning, I tiptoed out of the hospital, cruised home to shower and get more comfortable.

The next morning he was awake and that evening they took the machines off him. ¬†When he saw me he screamed my name in excitement. ¬†The next words were etched in my heart and brain for eternity: ¬†Him: Mom, we’re about to go swimming. Me: You already went. ¬†Him: No, we didn’t. ¬†I began to cry. ¬†He’s brain damaged was all I could think. ¬†It was later explained to me this could be blocked by the traumatic experience and all of the medication his little 6-year-old body was exposed to in the last 24 hours. ¬†I accepted this way of thinking. ¬†They moved him to another room for observation. ¬†Sunday afternoon, we went home.

Outside of some slurred/incoherent speech and reduced cognitive impairment due only to the meds – he was perfect. ¬†So, if you ever wonder – why I go to the mat about him it’s because I know he’s been given a second chance. ¬†I refuse to sit by and watch him throw it away. So when I hear people say miracles aren’t real – I look or think of my son and tell them “every day is a miracle.” ¬†Never stop believing in the impossible.

A Quick Taste

18 Jul img_1272

Taste of Chicago is the largest free open air taste fest in the United States. ¬†Food has been a cornerstone in my immediate family since before I was alive. ¬†I’ve been kinda down over the past few weeks. ¬†So, when Shawn sent me an email from Amtrak to Chicago. I couldn’t refuse. ¬†I’ll give you the play by play of the event and taste we experienced during our first trip to this event.

You can’t turn down a chance to go to Chicago or Toronto when you’re from Detroit. ¬†A getaway with the packing is a bonus. ¬†I called us an √úber and we were on our way to the closet size Detroit station to board the train. The ride lasted longer than expected but we reached out to Amtrak Customer Support to discuss this foolishness.

Let me tell you, when we two get together it’s a wonderful combination of the practical bougie. We’ll hop on the bus, catch a cab, ride a train or walk if we can’t have valet. So our 1st stop out of Union Station was Starbucks for Mango Black Tea Lemonades.ūüôā From there we headed straight to Zara. ¬†They were having a massive sale and we took full advantage of it. ¬†My hunt for floral pants is officially over and I copped another leather piece for my closet. ¬†From there we headed straight to Grant Park to try out the local food options.

Let me tell you there was so much food- there’s no way for you to taste everything in one visit. ¬†There’s a million stations down the main walkway then there’s a right turn full of food as well. ¬†It reminded me of the way the old festivals use to be in Detroit. ¬†Food and people from everywhere. ¬†We made a plan to share our taste portions and experience new things. ¬†Don’t be mad at me if our taste buds don’t agree on a specific fare. ¬†Here we go!!

Rattlesnake & Rabbit Sausage

This had to be the scariest thing I’ve ever ate because I told her to get the alligator sausage. ¬†Thank God do the cheese on the sample that’s the only way I has it through this one. ¬†I told everyone it was worm & squirrel sausage. ++

Missed Opportunity РLobster on Board

The line told us this was the bomb but we certainly wanted to make the most of our time.  So when the guy from off the truck started talking to us without an offer to slide us a sample without the wait.  We dismissed his small talk and proceeded with our plan on this 88 degree day in the sun.  We walked past the famous Buckingham Fountain.

Bacon on a Stick – Bobak’s

There was no way I was walking pass this. ¬†It was literally the thickest slice of bacon I had even seen on a stick. ¬†Let’s not even talk about¬†the fat!ūüėČ. This was a favorite of mine but we had so much more to try I had to keep my options open. ¬†How could you NOT? ++++

Fried Cheese Ravioli¬†– Punky’s

Absolutely delicious.  Everything was perfect from the sauce to the temperature of the ravioli.  They gave us a great portion to taste.  I may have to try this at home.  As you can see, we destroyed the appetizer before I remembered to take a picture.  It was that good! ++++

Papas BravasBruges Bros

You can tell by the sign and the black truck this was going to be serious. ¬†One of my favorite foods covered in some things I had never considered pairing them with. ¬†here’s a look.

This was an interestingly good pairing of flavors.  It reminded me of the Detroit favorite Chilli cheese fries with and additional twist. The chorizo was unexpected but very welcomed. ++++

The next stop blew me away.

 Seafood Ceviche РMAD

This may not be the best picture but I was overcome by the relief of the shaded area.  This ceviche was top-notch.  The right amount of squid, shrimp and veggies.  It was prepared just the way I like it. All I needed was a larger bowl of this and some chips. +++++

Malnati SaladLou Malnati’s¬†

So, tell me how we decide to take it light and get a salad after the ceviche only to end up with lettuce coupled with bad dressing. ¬†I’ll tell you how – we stopped at Lou Malnati’s. This salad was horrid. ¬†I love black olives and Parmesan cheese like any other person but it did NOT work on this salad. ¬†We ended up throwing it away. ++

Mustard-Fried CatfishBJ’s Market & Bakery

OMG! The last few stations proved to be the worst so far. ¬†The worm and squirrel sausage was moving up in the rankings. This was the worst. I couldn’t even finish it. At first bite, you can feel the southern inspiration then the mustard aftertaste hits you and the regret sets in. ¬†I’ve never been a real fan of mustard. ¬†I confessed my inability to finish that nugget and pitched it in the trash. +

 Fruit Popsicle РMexicana

We had walked at least 4 miles in 85+ degree weather and struck out 3x. ¬†A sure thing was the best thing we had going for us right now. ¬†She chose watermelon and I got mango. ¬†Scurrying to grab a piece of the shade we sat and ate while we cooled off. ¬†There isn’t much to report about these other than they were very good. ¬†No processed sugars or artificial flavors. ¬†I’d buy one again. +++++

A walk through Millennium Park and we were back off to Union Station. ¬†We saw 2 little ones in the fountain making wishes on other’s dimes, quarters and nickels. A young lady squat to pee in the same water and I was almost attacked by a bee. ¬†On our way back, I got a picture of the sign that ushered us in and out of a great day.

The Taste of Chicago is an experience each person that has an opportunity should attend. We had a blast but will we be lacing up our shoes to hit it next year – not necessarily. This was a mutual understanding. ¬†Now, if my beau asks me to go, I’ll have to oblige.

This was just what I needed to knock me out of the funk I was in. ¬†For a short while, I was free from my worries.ūüôā

Beautifully Tressed: Starting Over Again

28 Jun IMG_8713

The #HealthyHairJourney is one of the most recognized tags in the world, right now. Everyone is embracing their natural hair or at least acknowledging those who have made the choice to take this journey. ¬†Earlier this year I celebrated my 13th-year relaxer free and 3rd year with limited heat. ¬†I’ve come to a very tricky fork¬†in the road and the jury is still out with the verdict.


Start of the year, my hair was booming.  Here it is after wash day in a flat twist. I noticed it was getting thicker and longer.  No one had touched my hair since the cut I received in November.  It was thriving and I was getting more excited about my next straightening and trim.  Time got away from me and I felt I needed to hold on a little while longer to retain a few more inches.  So, I decided to get some braids.

These felt comfortable. ¬†The 1st set of braids I kept for 3 weeks. ¬†On the next try, I called in the swift professionals at one of the local African braid shops. ¬†Morning after morning, I jumped up, got ready for work and made sure my scalp was oiled. ¬†I hadn’t had braids in a long time and I thought this would be the break I would need this year. ¬†This had to be the best protective style for me. ¬†My classic wig was starting to frustrate me – only because of its synthetic composition and the limited availability around town. ¬†In addition, during this time I discover my hair is officially BLACK in color. ¬†Not the same 1B it’s been my entire life. ¬†The 2nd set lasted for 6 weeks. ¬†I knew I needed to give my hair a break from this pulling of the braids. ¬†This was my hair after removal. ¬†I was in love.


I did a YouTube search to find alternative protective hair styles to reduce the stress on my strands. ¬†With an extra pack of braid hair on standby, I pulled off a high bun (but I didn’t get a picture). ¬†I wore that for about a week but something wasn’t right with my hair. ¬†It wasn’t performing as trained. ¬†It felt harsh but I wasn’t plucking the knots anymore. ¬†I knew I needed to get it trimmed. ¬†Two flat twists with braid hair bought me a little more time.


A subsequent wash day displayed some disturbing news. ¬†I found several patches of hair in my head that were the length of my pinky finger. ¬†WTF!? ¬†When did this happen? ¬†There were areas of my mane that are touching my chest, neck, and chin. ¬†My heart and spirit sank – NOT AGAIN. ¬†Let’s add this to the mix, I stopped taking the vitamins. ¬†I was under the impression they were the cause of an acne breakout on my face. ¬†I had no motivation to continue taking them. ¬†I started to look into a salon near me to assist in getting my hair diagnosed. ¬†My frustration with the possibilities was getting the best of me. ¬†I conceded to the defeat with more flat twists and the shit still wasn’t feeling right.


Can you see the difference from the beginning of the year? ¬†I’ll answer for you – YES! ¬†Even if you can’t just act like you can. ¬†:) ¬†By the time of this picture, I had an appointment to get this shit resolved and see the true damages. ¬†Let me just tell you – I had a severe breakdown when I saw it up close. ¬†The hair was gorgeous in some areas and look like a rat had been chewing on it in others. ¬†I held the tears back but I knew what needed to be done. ¬†The truth of the matter is; I’d rather have healthy hair over long hair. ¬†I ran my fingers through my tresses one last time and in one stoic breath I said: “cut it.”

img_1120Now, I’m back to the drawing board. ¬†I’m not completely warmed up to this idea of entering salon life, again. ¬†In this first week, has been so conflicting. ¬†I miss my coils, curls, and the fullness of my hair in its natural state. ¬†However, on the other hand, I like running my fingers and feeling the wind blow through it. ¬†The compliments have helped immensely. ¬†I hate this happened but I’m glad I’m strong enough to know when to let go. ¬†More than anything else – I still had my edges!

I know what my signature look is and I’m going to achieve it. ¬†The vitamins may get thrown back into the mix. ¬†It looks like I need to go back to my old ways – mixing my hair products and staying on schedule. ¬†Another old friend will be making a few appearances. Can you guess who it might be? ¬†I know it’s just hair to some of you – to me, it’s another accessory to set your look apart from the rest. ¬†Staying focused is the name of the game. ¬†The rules might change but who’s going to judge me. ¬†This one head of hair is a small portion of my own happiness – I don’t care what India Arie says. ¬†LOLūüėČ